“Anything that someone chooses to do outside of academic studies of benefit to themselves and others.”

In the Sixth Form we take enrichment seriously.  Success comes from qualifications, experiences and skills and the programme of enrichment will support all three.  Enrichment activities and experiences broaden horizons, develop new skills and cultivate personal and social qualities such as commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit.

In addition to their academic studies, all Sixth Form students are enrolled into our enrichment programme. Each week students spend one hour outside of their studies where they may learn a life skill, keep fit or support Key Stage 3 students to name but a few opportunities. Students experience a selection of different enrichments across their 2 years in Sixth Form, giving them supercurrciular knowledge that they can use in the next stage of their journey. Some examples of the many courses we run can be found below:

Digital Promotion

Quantitative research/ Data Science

How to budget, and student finance

First Aid

Cook a meal for under £5

Everyday textiles, life skills

Conversational French

Digital Passport, and general IT


Science Technicians

Nutrition and HITT

Learning Support Assistants 

The Sixth Form are encouraged to participate in competitive sports and play competitive matches against other schools and colleges in local and national competitions.

Sixth Form students are encouraged to become mentors and work with younger students to offer support for children who may need assistance at school or home with issues such as homework, friendship groups or just need a friendly face to talk to.  A buddy reading scheme is also in place whereby Sixth Formers work with students in Year 7 and 8 to improve their reading, confidence and communication skills.

Students have volunteered to support local charities and local schools in a variety of roles and activities.