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Admissions - Transferring from Primary to Secondary School

Bishopshalt is a very popular school and each year we are hugely over subscribed.  Our published admission number (PAN) for Years 7 to 11 is 186 pupils per year group.  This number is decided by an audit of the schools' facilities and how many children we can reasonably accommodate to ensure the best level of education for everyone allocated a place at the school.  On average, we receive between 1100 to 1300 applications every year for 186 Year 7 places.  

In order to allocate these places fairly we have a detailed Admissions Policy which is strictly followed. It is also set out in our Prospectus Part 3 (see Section Three below) and the aim of this booklet is to help you make your application.

It sets out our procedures and the way we go about assessing each application. We have included some of the most common questions that parents ask about the way we make our decisions. 

Part One - content under revision
Exam Results Sept 2023
Part Three - applying for a place for Sept 2024 entry

Our Admissions Policy, which deals in a more formal way with every detail of the admissions procedure, can be found in the Key Information section here.  It is the content of this policy that we apply in dealing with all applications. We advise you to read it carefully.

Important dates for parents applying for Year 7 places for September 2024. 

Closing Date for Applications:

Online Applications must be submitted by 31 October 2023.

Any paper applications must be received by the Admissions Team at the Civic Centre by 5pm on 31st October.  The Borough Admissions Team strongly recommend that parents submit all applications by 23rd October to ensure it is received.

Sibling application information (if the Year 6 student has a brother or sister of a child already at Bishopshalt School)


Offers for Sept 2024 admission will be sent out on 1 March 2024.

Acceptance Date: 15 March 2024

Acceptance of your place must be sent to: Your home LEA (where you pay your council tax) by 15 March 2024.

Making a Sibling Application for Year 7 Sept 2024

If you wish to make a sibling application for Year 7 September 2024 entry, please read the information below:

How to make a Sibling Application for 2024

If you already have a child at Bishopshalt and want to apply for a brother or sister to come here in September 2024 you MUST provide the birth certificates for both children (the child that is already here and the child who is applying for a place) by noon on Friday 13 October 2023. Please scan and email the certificates to or bring them to the school.

The term ‘brother or sister relationship’ is defined as a blood relationship or step-brother/sister (where both parents are married and all step-brothers/sisters reside at the same address and where child benefit is claimed on behalf of the children), half-brother/sister, adopted child, or foster child, when ‘long term’ fostering is involved.  All of the above should reside at the same address. Other extended family relationships such as brother-cousin/sister-cousin do not qualify.

The sibling rule will NOT apply to any applicant who has a brother or sister admitted to the Bishopshalt School Sixth Form UNLESS the sibling has been a registered student at the School for a minimum period of six calendar months from the date of application. They must still be on roll at the time of the sibling’s admission.

The sibling rule will NOT apply to any applicant who has a brother or sister admitted to the school under exceptional circumstances to comply with the statutory obligations of the Local Authority (e.g. via an EHCP, a managed move or via the In Year Fair Access Panel), unless the sibling would also have been admitted under one of the other admissions criteria e.g. distance from the school.

Sibling application information (if the Year 6 student has a brother or sister of a child already at Bishopshalt School)

In Year Applications

If your child has already made the transition to secondary school, and you wish to apply for a place in Years 7 - 11 (for example, if you have recently moved house), you should complete the form below.  Details of how to return your application to Bishopshalt can be found on the form.  We also recommend that you read our Prospectus Part 3 and Admissions Policy.

In Year Admissions Form


Deadline for submission of an Appeal - TBC.  Forms must be requested from Bishopshalt School.

Appeals will be accepted after this deadline but they maybe heard at a later date. 

Further information regarding the appeals process