Sixth Form Dress Code

We set high standards in the Sixth Form in terms of behaviour, attitude to learning and how our students present themselves.  Part of these expectations are that Sixth Form students are dressed smartly, in order to act as role models to younger students and to maintain an excellent impression upon visitors to our school.  We are a supportive and inclusive Sixth Form and we seek to treat our students as the young adults that they are, but we insist on a certain standard of dress, similarly to staff.

Our dress code is “Smart Business” wear and we expect our Sixth Form students to dress in a professional manner.  

As preparation for working life, we expect our students to dress for a professional environment.  Our dress code is gender neutral; any combination of the items below can be worn:

Our expectations include:

Identification:  All students must always wear their Bishopshalt identification lanyard (Yellow - Year 12, Green - Year 13, Rainbow coloured for the Prefect team).  Students MUST NEVER swap their identification with another student for safeguarding reasons and the ID must always be visible.

Top half:  Shirt/tie or blouse/formal plain sleeved, round necked top with suit jacket/blazer.  Dark coloured, non-branded jumpers may be worn over a shirt and tie or blouse.  Neutral, plain, smart cardigans are also allowed over a smart top/blouse, shirt and tie.  No hoodies as jumpers, spaghetti strap tops, vest tops or branded sports tops allowed.

Bottom half:  Smart trousers, skirt or smart dress.  Dresses and skirts must be of smart, business wear length.  Excessively tight skirts or trousers are not allowed.  Jeans are not acceptable and leggings must not be worn.

Footwear:  Smart, sensible shoes in neutral colours.  No flip flops, canvas shoes, trainers, heavy boots e.g. ‘Ugg’ boots.

Outerwear:  Smart blazer or suit/neutral jacket.  Outdoor coats should be removed in the school building.

Body Piercings/Tattoos:  Piercings should be discreet, and all jewellery items should be conservative and not pose a risk to health and safety.  Tattoos should be covered.

NB: Public events - all Prefects must wear a blazer with a smart top and their Prefect lanyard.  Any mix of trousers/skirt as above are acceptable with smart shoes.

What you can’t wear:

Branded sweatshirts and hoodies, cold shoulder tops, crop tops, low cut tops, spaghetti strap or vest tops.

Shorts, leggings, jogging bottoms, tracksuits, jeans or canvas trousers.

Trainers, canvas shoes, flip flops, heavy ‘Ugg’ style boots.

No hats indoors.