Parent Pay

Parentpay is the system is used for paying for all items relating to school.  You are able to use a debit or credit card to pay for your items as well as crediting your account with money to enable students to pay for food & drink from the dining hall. You will also be able to add cash to your account via Paypoint.  

You are only be able to pay for items that appear on your account.  If you think your child should have access to an event and you do not see it on your payment list please contact Mrs Karia (Finance Office).

Full details on how to activate your account and navigate yourself around ParentPay are in the guides which can be downloaded below (they also appear in ParentPay for your convenience).

A letter with activation codes is automatically issued to parents of all up-coming Year 7s in the pack on Transition Day.  A letter will be issued to parents of children in other year groups by contacting Mrs Karia.

On 8 June 2016 Parentpay changed the way in which you pay for items.  You need to place funds in a central purse "My Account" and then distribute it amongst the items you have available in your "Payment Items".  Once you have topped up "My Account" you will be able to pay for any items in your "Payment Items" as long as you have enough money in "My Account".  Please ensure you complete the payment process and have received the confirmation email so you are sure the payment has gone through. Please note this change was instigated by Parentpay and we were not consulted on this change.

Click here for link to login screen at ParentPay