School Values and Ethos

Love learning

Love Learning - To develop in students a love for learning. Bishopshalt students will thirst for knowledge due to the intrinsic joy that it brings.

Show kindness

Show Kindness - To develop and instill in our students the virtue of kindness. Our students do things for others for no personal gain.

Build character

Build Character - To develop in students the determination and dedication to succeed. Bishopshalt students are able to overcome any challenge that may come their way. Our students are focused, resilient and readily overcome adversity.

Chase brilliance

Chase Brilliance - To develop students who do not settle for 'it's good enough'. Bishopshalt students always aim to improve their work and aim for perfection due to their belief that they are entitled to be brilliant.

Bright futures

Bright Futures - To ensure that, for whatever field they choose to enter, Bishopshalt students succeed. Bishopshalt students will be the   very best versions of themselves and compete on the world stage.