School Reward Scheme

Our Aim

  • To raise aspirations and standards
  • To celebrate achievement
  • To develop student involvement in Bishopshalt activities in and outside the classroom

Better Bishopshalter

We encourage our students to be the best that they can be in every aspect of their life. In consultation with students, parents and staff to ascertain their views and to facilitate the development of a strategy for this, the Better Bishopshalter scheme was launched. 

This Power Point slideshow below illustrates the evolution of our thinking and the ethos behind its implementation. 

Rewards System

Full details of our Rewards System and how students can earn Inter House points/incentives can be found in the Rewards policy below.


Page Downloads Date  
Better Bishopshalter Launch 04th Mar 2019 Download
Rewards Policy Oct 2019 06th Oct 2019 Download