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Headteacher's Weekly Information

Please see the following for communications that are emailed home via PS Engage. 

Friday 10th September 2021

Dear Parents, Carers & Students

We would like to thank the students and yourselves for the cooperation and support that has been demonstrated throughout a very busy week. 

We are pleased to confirm that we have now completed the Asymptomatic Testing in school and all students who are engaging in the testing have been issued with a box of Lateral Flow tests.  We ask that to protect our community all students continue to test twice weekly on either Sunday evening/Monday morning and Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.   The test results can be reported here: 

Lateral Flow Test Form 

If your child receives a positive lateral flow test, you must book a PCR test within 24 hour, you must notify the school of the result and your child should not attend school until you receive the results of the PCR.  We continue to issue testing kits to students every two weeks, if they do need further kits they should come to Room 1 to collect a box. We understand that there is some confusion regarding the new guidance for households where a parent or relative over the age of 18 years and 6 months has COVID, as children are no longer required to self isolate in these circumstances.  Households should however be diligent in monitoring for any symptoms and ensuring that regular testing is taking place, as children may often be asymptomatic, therefore it is important to maintain the routine of twice weekly testing and more if any symptoms occur. 

Thank you to all parents who attending the Year Ahead meeting this week.  For those who could not attend you can find the information which was shared here.

Finally, please can I remind students of the importance of punctuality; students you must be through the school gate by 8:25am and in their registration group by 8:30am. Anyone arriving after 8:25am is classified as late and will receive a same day detention.

As always, I thank you for your continued cooperation and support. 

Yours sincerely 

Mr McGillicuddy 


Monday 6th September 2021

Dear Parents & Carers

Thank you all for your support with the students return to school, it has been gratifying to see how positive they all are about their return.

Please can I remind you that students are expected to be in full school uniform, wearing shoes not trainers, any student not in the correct uniform will be sanctioned. On the days that students have PE/Dance/Drama, they should bring the appropriate sports/dance kit in with them and they will change in school. 

We also need to inform you that with the ongoing COVID situation for the safety of our community, we have made the decision to hold the Open Evening which was scheduled for Thursday 9th September virtually.  Therefore, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th will be normal school days, there will not be an early finish, late start as published.   

Full information for “The Virtual Open Evening” will be available on the school website from Thursday 16th September 2021.
Please may I also remind you of the following meeting dates this half term:

Year 7 Meeting                                   Monday 6th September          16:30
Year 8 Year Ahead                             Tuesday 7th September         16:30
Year 9 Year Ahead                             Tuesday 7th September         17:30
Year 10 Year Ahead                           Wednesday 8th September    16:30
Year 11 Year Ahead                           Wednesday 8th September    17:30
Year 12 Year Ahead                           Monday 13th September        16:30
Year 13 Year Ahead                           Monday 13th September        17:30

These meetings will take place in the Main Hall and we ask that only one parent accompanies the student to the relevant meeting and that masks are worn in the Main Hall.

Parents Evening

Year 13    Wednesday 6th October - 16:30-19:00
Year 11    Thursday 14th October - 16:30 - 19:00 

Thank you once again,
Mr McGillicuddy

 Dear Parents & Carers

I trust that you have had a wonderful summer break.  We also hope that those students that enrolled at Summer School have had an enjoyable experience as they have been participating in the wide range of activities that were offered.

We all recognise that for the majority of the last two academic years, the situation for our students and staff has been challenging.  However, the character shown by our entire community is something that we should be exceptionally proud of.  

We are very pleased that our Year 11 and 13 students achieved so well in their final assessments, and in particular for our Year 13 students who are now moving on to the brightest futures. We note that the vast majority of our Year 11s have enrolled in our Sixth Form and are now looking forward to starting Year 12.  

With all of this in mind, it is now time for our student body to return to a more "normal" education, and for Bishopshalt to ensure a that our students develop a love of learning through us providing excellent teaching, outstanding experiences and having the highest of expectations of all our students.  

As the summer holidays draw to a close and with the return of students imminent, we are now making arrangements for the start of the academic year. With the relaxation of COVID restrictions, we want to draw your attention to key dates and expectations of students detailed below:

Bishopshalt, in line with Government expectations, will be required to conduct two asymptomatic COVID tests for students upon their return. Year 7 (September 2021) have already received a consent form via a separate email.   For Year 8 - 13, as you have already consented, we ask that you fill out this form  only if you would like to withdraw this consent, or do not consent.

The dates of these tests, and subsequent phased return to school are below for each year group. Students, on their initial return to school must enter Bishopshalt via the South Gate where they will be directed to testing or a holding area for those who are not consenting.   To ensure the smooth flow of testing, students must arrive within the specified windows below.

Thursday 2nd September

Friday 3rd September

Monday 6th September

Tuesday 7th September

Incoming Year 7 may come into school between
12:00 -3:00pm 

Students test then leave the school site - uniform not required

Year 7 Induction Day students in school 


Year 13 8:30-10:30 

Students test then leave - uniform not required 

Year 12 10:30 to 11:45

Students test then go to the Year 12 Induction session

Year 11 12:00 to 2:30pm

Students test then leave - uniform not required 

Year 7/11/12/13 Normal School day. Students should be in for 8:25am - registration at 8:30am


Year 8 arrive for 8:30am for testing and they will remain in school 

Year 9 must come in at the allocated Form times in uniform, they will test and then leave the site to return home:

9C: 11.30am      9D: 12pm

9E: 12.30pm      9M: 1pm

9S: 1.30pm        9W: 2pm

Normal school day. Students should be in for 8:25am - registration at 8:30am

Year 10  arrive for 8:30am for testing and they will remain school

Timings of day

With the removal of Covid restrictions we revert back to our normal school day, the timings of which are 8.30am till 3.30pm.  Students are expected to be through the school gates by 8.25am to ensure that they are in registration for 8.30am.  The library will be open from 8am till 4.30pm each day, and catering facilities will be open from 8am.


In line with the current Government guidance, masks are no longer mandatory. Bishopshalt will therefore not enforce mask wearing when students return, however it will be optional for those who wish to wear them to do so.

We will continue to provide hand sanitiser throughout the school site, and hope that students will continue to exercise the same caution they demonstrated throughout the peak of the pandemic with good hand hygiene and maintaining distance from their peers. 

When a positive case of COVID is reported, schools are no longer required to track and trace.  We are however required to continue to distribute asymptomatic tests kits to students and we ask for your cooperation with students continuing to test on a Sunday and Wednesday evening.  

If a positive case is identified and a student cannot attend school, Bishopshalt will continue to provide remote online learning to ensure that our students receive the best possible education.


All students are required to wear a full school uniform each day.  We will no longer be allowing students to come into school in PE/Performing Arts kit on the days that they have these subjects on their timetables..  Students will revert to bringing their PE/Performing Arts kit into school and changing onsite when the lessons are taking place.  Sixth Form Uniform expectations have been conveyed directly to students and we ask that these are adhered to. All year groups should note that trainers and canvass shoes are not permitted. 

Assessment and Reporting

Bishopshalt has reviewed its Assessment and Reporting procedures for this academic year.  All students across the school will participate in the Assessment periods that will take place towards the end of each term; at this time we will be assessing their learning and progress throughout the year.  The outcomes will be reported to parents at the end of each term in conjunction with the Progress Review meetings.  These dates can be seen in the Parents’ Calendar.  Further details of the assessment and reporting process will be explained during the “Year Ahead” evenings.

In accordance with the calendar can I draw your attention to the following events which take place in the first weeks of term:

Year 7 Meeting                 Monday 6th September     16:30    

Year 8 Year Ahead           Tuesday 7th September     16:30 to 17:15  

Year 9 Year Ahead           Tuesday 7th September    17:30 to 18:15       

Year 10 Year Ahead          Wednesday 8th September    16:30 to 17:15     

Year 11 Year Ahead          Wednesday 8th September     17:30 to 18:15

Open Evening *                Thursday 9th September     18:00

* Please note that students will finish school at the end of Period 4 on Thursday 9th September to allow the school to prepare for the Open Evening.  On Friday 10th September students should arrive at school at 9:25am for registration and lessons will commence at the start of period 2.

Year 12 Year Ahead            Monday 13th September    16:30 - 17:15

Year 13 Year Ahead            Monday 13th September    17:30-18:15

We are looking forward to the return of our whole school community, and we look to the next academic year with a sense of optimism. 

I thank you all for your continued support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Mr L McGillicuddy