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"Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education." -1999 White Paper, Excellence in Schools

Homework is any work, study or learning set to be done outside of normal timetabled lessons. It contains an element of independent study and therefore regular completion of homework is an essential part of enabling students to make more rapid progress and therefore to raise their long term achievement.

Students are also expected to learn to manage their own workload. The use of Google Classroom is intended to help students do this. By taking responsibility for managing their own work and deadlines, students will become more independent as learners and this is a valuable life skill.

Homework enhances student learning, improves study skills and is therefore an integral part of the school curriculum. It requires careful planning within the schemes of work of each subject area.

Not all homework has to be done at home. For students who may find it difficult to work at home, or for tasks which require additional resources (specialist materials, software, equipment), it may be necessary or desirable to carry out the task in school, e.g. in the school library or within a specialist subject areas.

How homework will be set

All homework will be set using Google Classroom and should also be written into students’ contact book (or diary in the case of sixth form students).

Students can usually expect to be given a minimum of 4-5 days to complete their homework to enable them to manage their own workload and the demands of all subjects.

Sometimes pupils will be set larger pieces of work, perhaps once a fortnight, or in some cases longer projects or coursework assignments that are to be completed over a period of several weeks.

The amounts shown (in the document below) are the minimum amounts of time that students should aim to spend doing independent study or homework each week for each subject.

In the event of absence, students are still expected to catch up on and complete homework set. They can access Google Classroom from any device linked to the internet so can see what has been set for them. It is the student’s responsibility to seek help from their teacher as necessary.